case pack of two new mobile case and new stylish case

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EXCELLENCE QUALITY : The ELV Earphone Pouch Case is a Black Colour case that can holds Pen drives,earphone,bluetooth devices,SD cards and much more ✔ SHOCK PROOF : The exterior of the case is semi rigid and absorbs shocks and does not transfer impact to the contents inside ✔ SECURE & DURABLE : When you carry your earphones in your purses and your pockets; when you leave them on your tables they have a tendency of getting entangled, dirty or lost. It guards, carries, stores and protects your earphones from dirt and grime, and keeps them untangled. WEATHER RESISTANT : This waterproof case protects against dust, dirt, drops, and moisture, that holds the earphone securely in place and helps protect against shock. It Helps keep out water, dust and debris

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Pouch
Material: Leather
Country of Origin: India