Premium Pants Diapers, Extra Large, 30 Counts (Baby Socks- FREE)

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Diapers feature an ultra-absorb core which locks in wetness along with a layer of super-absorbent wetness that repels any moisture for as long as 12 hours. Keep your baby dry with these diapers from kiddysoft. It gives your little one comfort without any skin irritation or rashes so that your child can spend more of its time learning new activities. The diaper doesn't get heavy with the crisscross top layer that creates a larger absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution. Kiddysoft Pant Diapers are available in Small(S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large(XL) with free gift of 1-pair of BABY SOCKS  Pant are specially designed to make your baby feel comfortable so that they can play and learn new things.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Diapers
Item Type: Other
Country of Origin: India